What do you need?

Each of these points is diversified into different departments that operate both in chain and independently, thus allowing a more specialized study of the project.




Project advice with LED lighting.

Conducting light studies at the request of some Agencies.

LED lighting can replace almost all installed lighting and provide ENERGY SAVING of up to 80%


The customer gives us their ideas and our job is to create, design, develop and manufacture high quality products for lighting with LED technology.

Your goal ROI, Our Priority  Quality.

"Prioritizing quality and return on investment in projects is what sets us apart from the competition"


We guarantee the "PREVIOUS AGREEMENT" item service by keeping a stock in our warehouses at no cost.

Currently 19% of the electricity generated in the world is used in LIGHTING.

International Energy Agency

24H service

Receiving orders until 5 pm. Delivery in 24 hours throughout the peninsular territory and in 48 hours in the Balearic Islands.


LED lighting offers solutions to problems that we are currently facing.