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LED technology makes revolutionary designs of inspiring purity and beauty possible.    MPL offers you the widest range of LED products. LED technology also offers incredible energy efficiency... all without sacrificing light quality, power or variety.

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One of the main advantages of LED is that its manufacturing process determines the color temperature you want to obtain. It depends on the chemical compound that combines such as Gallium, Indian, Aluminum, etc. Thanks to this technology, LED lighting products emit light only in the light spectrum for which they have been manufactured and do not emit radiation at ultraviolet or infrared frequencies as is the case with other technologies such as fluorescents (tubes or energy-efficient bulbs) and incandescent that can harm the objects they illuminate.



Usually, in LEDS, 3 color temperature groups are used.

Warm Light: (Color temperatures between 2700oK and 3500oK) Equivalent to the light produced by incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs. It is recommended in clothing stores.

Neutral Light: (Color temperatures between 3800oK and 4500oK) Experts say it is the most natural light. It can be installed in any environment, being the most comfortable and adaptable anywhere.

Cold Light: (Color temperatures of more than 5000oK) It is equivalent to the light of a very sunny or cloudy day. One of the advantages of cold light is that at the same intensity it provides a greater level of lumens, which generates a greater perception of light.

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LED lighting can replace almost all installed lighting and provide ENERGY SAVING of up to 80%


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Currently 19% of the electricity generated in the world is used in LIGHTING.

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